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Oh, hey. Uh.

Here's Sanzo and Goku as cats. Cause why not.
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Sometimes I forget I have a dreamwidth account.

Livejournal is pretty dead. My account on there is Inque (prev: Panda_patrol)

I'm on Tumblr more than anything: (Saiyuki fandom) (Personal)

I've been on a Saiyuki Binge lately. Not sure what hit me. I've always loved the series but lately it's a craving.
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Hi everyone! I’m getting married to ez tomorrow, and I thought we’d celebrate by giving one free copy of Minecraft to everyone who buys the game!

How does it work, you ask?

Well, if you buy a copy of the game (not a gift code), you get a free gift code added to your account. You can see the…

SO. If you guys want to try minecraft, they are having a really sweet deal :D Get it ASAP cause I dont know when their Sunday is! If you join let me know! I run a friendly private server that's up quite a lot :3
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Oh right. I have a dreamwidth account. I really should use this. Here, have a doodle from my tumblr.

Really, I'm on tumblr more lately.

Ringletts is just me being a spammer, the other one is art. Sort of.

Hey, LJ, will this really cross post?


May. 8th, 2009 07:49 pm
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Some comments should just be kept in one's head I think. Not going into it. But Penny icon is perfect for this thought.


May. 5th, 2009 08:35 pm
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Okay, so if people are migrating to DW, I should actually post here.

Went to the doctor today,I have an infection in my nose, my toenails (ew) and inflammation in my right knee and my left upper chest.

I am a mess :|
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My first post on DW. Nothing epic.

Testing the waters :D

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